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February 06, 2009


james a. sullivan

Father Owen Kearns needs to speak less. He mentions the Holy Father's concern for Legion and Regnum Christi superiors, as if those superiors are simply free of the degradation attached to the corrupt founder. Father Kearns does not seem to realize that the Maciel infection has tainted others in the Legion...other priests who have knowingly supported the founder's double life. Yet to say that Maciel had a sex problem, grossly underestimates the level of foulness . He was abusing seminarians in the 50's and 60's and not slacked by John Paul II's theology of the body, he began abusing a very young - barely a teenager - girl of 14. We need to know who, how and why other Legionairies supported this behavior. We do not need pablum about what Maciel "meant to my vocation."

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